Community Service Projects

"God would like to wipe the tears from their eyes, but God can't unless you are the means by which God does that and so you help to prevent blindness. You give sight to those who have cataracts, and God smiles through the tears because God has such fantastic partners - you (the Lions of South Africa)"

Bishop Desmond Tutu

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The Lions and Lion Ladies of the Port Shepstone Lions Club have, for almost 5 decades, voluntarily provided a selfless service to our local communities. These are some of the recent and ongoing service projects that have been made possible by these extraordinary volunteers...

Port Shepstone Lions provide ongoing support to the following organisations:

Donation of a Safe Place to the Merlewood Community

A Safe Place is a secure venue where victims (particularly women and children) can seek refuge and safety from the scourge of human trafficking, rape and abuse. The new unit is strategically situated at the entrance to the local school in the Merlewood Township outside Port Shepstone. The unit is manned after hours by qualified security personnel. Victims are referred to social workers etc. for further action.

The Genesis Trust is based in Port Shepstone and was established by Lions District 410-C's 2014 "Citizen Of The Year, Pastor Trevor Downham. The Safe Places, a project of the Genesis Trust, have been established to address the plight of injustice, particularly relating to “at-risk” women and children, in neighbouring communities.

There are very limited statistics available on violent crimes against women and children in South Africa and the internet is littered with claims on various classifications of violence, many of which cannot be substantiated. South Africa is notorious for its high level of rape, but the true scale to which the problem extends is unknown. SAPS statistics only record reported proven incidents of rape.

An Institute for Security Studies report states “policing is only part of the solution. Most violence takes place between people who know each other or live in the same communities, and there is little the police can do about this until the crime has already been committed.”

Given the sometimes-limited resources the police have available to them, many incidents of violent crime go unreported and unattended. In instances, families will seek to resolve incidents of violent crime within the community between themselves, seeking financial compensation from the perpetrator rather than legal justice and physical & emotional treatment for the victim. In such instances, the trauma suffered by the victim goes unattended.
Although largely seen as the responsibiliy of the police, acts of violence need involvement from members of communities as the scale of the problem isn’t isolated to polce reported incidents. ‘It is important to understand that violence – whether it's murder, rape or assault – is not something that the police can prevent or reduce on their own,’ - Gareth Newham, Head of the Governance, Crime and Justice Division at the Institute for Security Studies (ISS).

Holidays For Underprivileged Children

Port Shepstone Lions regularly hosted a group of underprivileged children at The Pont Holiday Resort in Port Edward. The children, usually aged between 6 and 17, are accompanied by members of the Reitz Lions Club in the northern Freestate. Most of these children come from impoverished families who reside in the towns of Reitz, Warden, Petrus Steyn and Frankfort in the Northern Freestate.

Reitz Lions members liaise with their local child welfare, identifying children who qualify for this project, meet with their respective families/care givers and obtain the required permissions. They also source transport, and obtain sponsorships for toiletries, meals for the road trip etc.

Port Shepstone Lions organise sponsored accommodation for the children and their Lions chaperones, usually at the Pont Holiday Resort n Port Edward. Sponsorships and donations in the form of cash donations, foods and drinks, tents, fuel for the bus, mattresses, toys, clothing, sweets, stationary and entertainment/outings throughout the course of the week were also organised by members of the Club. All meals are also provided by Port Shepstone, Ramsgate and Shelly Beach Lions Clubs. Sponsorships are provided for many of these meals by local companies and organisations.

Most of the children have never seen the sea and most have never experienced a proper holiday. Port Shepstone Lion Ladies provide each child with a sponsored goodie bag which contains sweets, chocolates, stationary and other novelty items. They are also provided with many items of clothing which are kindly donated towards the project.

The various activities provided during the week vacation include trips to the beach on the Spellbound Gambler river raft, a trip to the Wild Coast Sun Water World, a trip to the Shelly Beach Ski Boat Club where they enjoy sponsored boat rides on the ocean. a visit to the Riverbend Crocodile Farm, a visit to Pure Venom Reptile Park in Shelly Beach and a visit to  Lake Eland Game Reserve. 

This project was truly a heart-warming experience for all Lions involved. Many members became quite emotional when they experienced the love, joy and appreciation expressed by these wonderful children. Port Shepstone Lions would like to express their deep and sincere gratitude to all sponsors and our local community who gave so generously to make this project possible.

Food Collections

Every year during the long weekend of 14 - 16 December, Harbourview Superspar kindly allow Port Shepstone Lions to collect food donations for the needy. Members of the Club worked in shifts at both entrances in order to promote the project and provide descriptions of what groceries were required. The generosity of the public is always extraordinary. Numerous shopping trolleys are filled and a number of cash donations are made. The cash donations are utilised to purchase additional items required and food hampers are packed by members of the club for distributed to various needy families and institutions in the Port Shepstone area.

Food donations are made to:

St Catherine's Anglican Church Feeding Scheme.
The Old Apostolic Church Food Outreach.
Hibiscus Food For Life School Feeding Scheme (Raj Mabaheer)
Sithunyuwe Bread of Life in rural Umzumbe.

Peace Poster Contest

The International Peace Poster contest was started in 1988 by Lions Clubs International to create and foster a spirit of understanding amongst the people of the world. The contest gives young people from all over the world an opportunity to artistically convey their vision of peace. Lions Clubs around the world proudly sponsor the contest in local schools and youth groups. The Port Shepstone Lions Club is no exception. Each year’s contest consists of an original theme incorporating peace. One of the regular participating schools in the Port Shepstone area is Suid Natal Primary. Each year the winning posters are entered into the Annual District Peace Poster Competition which included posters submitted by various Lions Clubs from around Kwazulu-Natal and the Freestate.


Youthworx is a ministry run from a house in Shelly Beach, donated by a prominent local businessman, where young people can come together in a safe environment. As a venue for youth events, Youthworx is non-denominational and open to young people from all walks of life. It is a Christian-based, principled and chaperoned facility that provides our youth with activities, functions and loads of fun in a safe, secure environment they can call their own. At Youthworx youth are exposed to biblical teachings and life skills, sound moral behaviour and positive social interaction. They are mentored and encouraged by young adults who themselves have risen through the ranks (sometimes despite their backgrounds).

The Centre is managed by a volunteer committee, who organise activities at the house itself, at the beach and at other venues in the area. Their most popular event is the Friday Night Youth, where they often cater for over 250 young people. The house has pool tables, basketball, Nintendo Wii, a skate park and other fun activities to attract young people to the centre.

In recognition of their outstanding service to the youth of our community, the Port Shepstone Lions Club regularly donate finds and provide support to YouthworX in Shelly Beach.

Suid Natal Primary

Another school that receives regular support from the Port Shepstone Lions Club is the Suid Natal Primary School which is sutuated in Oslo Beach, Port Shepstone. A large number of the pupils at this school come from poverty stricken families and many will not receive presents this Christmas. The Port Shepstone Lions and Lion Ladies have been visiting this school for a number of years now and providing the children with gifts and treats to celebrate the Season of Goodwill and provide some sort of comfort in these very difficult times.

Donation of Heat Pumps to Reinhardt's Place

Founded in 1994, Reinhardt’s Place is a home for mentally impaired persons of all ages and is located in Pumula on the South Coast of Kwazulu-Natal. They cater for most categories of impairments including :
Epilepsy, autism, Down’s syndrome, cerebral palsy, and other mild to profound mental conditions.

The staff at Reinhardt’s Place are experienced and trained in all its activities with hands-on care and are themselves parents of an autistic child named Reinhardt. They have empathy with both the parents and affected loved ones. Reinhardt’s Place is totally committed, supportive and equipped to meet the needs of the residents and their relatives and everyone is treated with dignity and respect.

Port Shepstone Lions Club, in conjunction with the Master Builders Association sponsored and installed 3 heat pumps at the home. One of the pumps was for the bathrooms and general use, the other for the kitchen and a special chlorine resistant heat pump was installed for the therapeutic jacuzzi used for the treatment of some of the kids.

Lions Crisis Centre - Port Shepstone Police Headquarters

The idea of establishing a Crisis Centre at Port Shepstone Police Station was the brainchild of two members stationed at this station, namely Sergeants Lea Beetge and Justine Groenewald. These young ladies approached the Lions Club of Port Shepstone for financial assistance and, after an intense investigation into the feasibility of this project, it was decided upon by the Club's Board of Directors that we sponsor this facility with an initial amount of R10000-00.

The Lions Club of Port Shepstone felt that a facility of this nature was of utmost importance as victims of sexual and domestic offences are severely traumatised when they arrive at the police station and the present resources do not guarantee privacy during the initial stages of reporting the crime. Privacy is of the utmost importance as the victim is not just experiencing emotional distress but embarrassment as well as shame. Therefore the need for a suitable facility arose where a victim can wait in private, where he or she can be comfortable and receive the necessary medical attention and where the interview can be conducted in privacy. The new facility was officially opened by Councillor Peppy Govender of the Hibiscus Coast Municipality on 3 May 2000.

The Lions Club of Port Shepstone and the following sponsors generously assisted with the success of this project :
Mike Mather-Pike : MP Electrical; M-Electrical; Car Plates & Signs; Doug Whittle - Lightning Screeners; Glassfit Port Shepstone; Lion Denis Meyer : Project Co-ordinator; Lion Paul Brauteseth (wheeling & dealing); Lion Rob Bing (woodworker whizzkid); Lion Otto Wank (master plumber)
The Lions Club of Port Shepstone are proud to be associated with this wonderful project.

Louisiana Primary School

The Port Shepstone Lion Ladies identified Louisiana Primary School, a school for underprivileged children, as one of their projects and provided the pupils with new jerseys to keep them warm during the Chilly winter months. These jerseys were knitted by the ladies at the Flower Foundation and the funding of the wool and accessories was provided by the Lions Club. At a ceremony held at the school the Grade 1 & 2 pupils sand specially composed "Thank You Lions" songs followed by an appreciation speech by Portia Mkhize and Principal PK Appalraju. One of the guests, Pastor O'Driscoll, gave a speech on how wonderful the Lions Clubs International organisation is and added that Lions also give much assistance to the Salvation Army in the UK.
The school has also received donations of school uniforms and sports wear from the Club.

The Lion Ladies continue to monitor and assist the school on a regular basis and also provide ongoing assistance with regard to a feeding scheme.

Port Shepstone Provincial Hospital - Childrens' Ward

The Port Shepstone Lion Ladies painted and improved the facilities at the Children's Ward at the Local Provincial Hospital and regularly visit the ward in order to attend to he many needs of the children. Many of these children have been severely neglected and are in need of love. The contributions of the Ladies Club has made a difference in their lives. These children are regularly visited and presented with gifts, especially at Christmas time.

Lions Roar Out Against Crime

The members of the Lions Club of Port Shepstone have decided to stand together with our Communities and voice our concerns regarding the escalating violent crime that has had a direct impact on so many innocent, law-abiding citizens within our community.

The Club has produced two perspex plaques, as seen in the photos to the right, to create awareness.

Members of the Club have been seen erecting and distributing these plaques in areas such as Supermarkets, Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Business places and even in Public toilets.  By promoting awareness throughout our community, the Lions Club of Port Shepstone are living up to their motto "We Serve".

Amahlube Creche

Port Shepstone Lions provided assistance to AmaHlube Creche which is situated in the rural area outside Marburg near Port Shepstone. The Club sponsored a mobile unit which houses the kitchen and eating area as well as groceries for their meals. Most of the children attending this creche are from extremely poor families and many are orphans. The club also hosted a Christmas party at the creche and handed out presents to all the delighted children. For many of these children, this will be the only gift that they will receive this Christmas. The Children were also provided with sweets, cool drinks and cakes which were provided by the Port Shepstone Lions. The sheer delight on each of their faces made this project very worthwhile.

Zakheleni Creche - Gamalakhe

Port Shepstone Lions Club allocated R50 000-00 for this project. The entire complex has been virtually rebuilt. Major changes include the building of an additional room and toilet facilities. An awning was also installed by Trellidor. The entire complex has also been repainted. A new fence with gates has been erected around the complex for security. Playing apparatus has been erected for the children to play on. An electrical geyser has been installed. This creche caters for +/- 50 children.

Mkholombe Creche - Gamalakhe

Port Shepstone Lions Club allocated R43 500 for the project. Improvements included a 6m x 6m canopy to the existing container and a concrete slab under same. A VIP toilet and a 8m x 3m block building to house +/- 12 babies. The whole site has been fenced with a steel vehicular gate. Potable water has been brought to site and an 8kl tank installed. An external wash basin was also installed. This creche caters for +/- 40 children.
Inkanyezi Creche - Oshabeni

During 2007, the Inkanyezi Creche in Oshabeni burnt to the ground leaving the children and volunteer parents stranded without this vital facility. The Lions Club of Port Shepstone decided to arrange and deliver 2 container rooms which can be used for classrooms and catering as well as new toilet facilities and a water tank. A roof was also erected outside the containers where the children can play in the shade on very hot days. Funds generated from the Annual Lions Show and generous Show sponsorships from UGU District Municipality were used to pay for these items donated, the cost of which amounted to in excess of R50 000-00. The Club would also like to express their gratitude to Multicrop for the transportation fo these items. This creches caters for +/- 30 children.

Vikings Rugby Development Academy - Norwegian Settlers Church

A new Cabin was erected by the Port Shepstone Lions Club for Rugby development at the Vikings Rugby Academy in Marburg. The cost of this new facility amounted to R140 000-00. This facility is utilized to house youth who participate in the ongoing Rugby development courses that take place at the academy.

The Port Shepstone Lions Club provides ongoing support to the following local organisations:

S.A. Guide Dogs Association
The Association for the Disabled (KZN)
Mbango Home Care (For the Aged) (Web Site)
South Coast Hospice
The Cancer Association of South Africa
Schools Feeding and upliftment Schemes
Various Community Feeding Schemes
YouthworX Shelly Beach
Genesis Trust
Annual Book Prizes for all local schools
Cornerstone School for Autustic Children
Reinhardt's Place for the Mentally Handicapped
Lions BrightSight
Higher Ground
Port Shepstone Child Welfare
Diabetes Camps
This page is dedicated to the Lion Ladies' Club of Port Shepstone whose support and dedication to serving are an inspiration to us all.